Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Desert Raven - Jonathan Wilson

Lyric:- 'Let the diamonds make the light' - Wilson

Song Choice:- If you need distressing and need to feel the heat of the warm sun on your skin, then this brilliant song from Jonathan Wilson, will do just that. It's the desert and 1967 all rolled into one and makes me feel glad to be alive and grateful for the things I've been able to accomplish. Have a listen here if you need a good chilax and even better check it out on a 4K TV to get the full HD effect.

I suppose I'm still gushing a bit from the weekend's Cardiff Half Marathon, but it was a wonderful experience where I felt like I was getting back to my old-self once again.

Running, Racing, & Achieving...

You see, it didn't matter about the pace, to be honest, I ran it as hard as I dare and I'll be more honest in that my knees don't lift like they used to, which is disappointing as they didn't raise that much before the SIDP! But hey, who bloody well cares. I'm out there doing MY THING which is the most important to me right now.

Even looking back to the middle of September, I've improved greatly. I'm now able to stand on one leg and not fall over and any 1km I ran in my 21kms at the weekend, I was quicker than any km in my last parkrun 5km, so I know I'm heading in the right direction. Being able to see these quantifiable stepping stones has been really good for my rehab but even I know at some stage they will stop coming and I will plateau at a new level of fitness. Whatever level that is.

How, where and when that will be is yet unknown and I'm not putting any limitations on it right now. I'll do as much as I can safely to get some speed back but if I never improve from where I am now in my recovery, well that's ok too.

Running, Racing & Achieving...is one thing...
Living, Breathing & Functioning...is another.

Maybe when I do plateau, I can look back on this blog post and see just how happy I was to RUN solidly for 2hrs and 51 minutes. You see it was more of a combination of Running, Racing, Achieving, Living, Breathing & Functioning and listening to Desert Raven gives me warm thoughts to achieve anything including being able to run the Marathon des Sables next year, where I can 'Let the diamonds make my light'.

Are your Diamonds lighting up your life?

Have a great day...More tomorrow.

976 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
977th Marathon - Beachy Head - 29th October, 2016

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