Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Let's Go - The Cars

Lyrics:- 'Don't want to break her crown' - Ocasek

Song Choice:- 'Let's Go' was the first single from The Cars' second studio album Candy-O. It was released in 1979 on Elektra Records and written by Ric Ocasek. It features lead vocals by the brilliant, Cars bassist Benjamin Orr who sadly died in 2000, from Pancreatic Cancer. Take a listen for yourself here.

On a day of celebration for two of my clients passing alcohol milestones of 100 days and six months, I found that one of our family friends is struggling with alcohol addiction and will start day one of a new life, alcohol-free, tomorrow.

It's a bittersweet world in Coleman Coaching sometimes, however I feel very privileged that folk let me into their lives, especially in moments when the brown-stuff is hitting the preverbal fan. Hearing their news today, makes all the hard work worth it and it always gets me thinking about my own predicament.

What I do know is that be it 1, 100, 180 or even 8,309 days of sobriety...tomorrow is a new day for all of us and that we are all one step from disaster if drinking alcohol, is our Achilles Heel, or even our Achilles Hell, as my fat-fingered typing spelt first-time.

As I remember, getting that first few days under my belt provided a brilliant springboard to keep the sobriety flame going. Sadly, sometimes, it takes a few go's to get the fire burning bright. It did for me and I'm never one to condemn folk that crack under pressure - I certainly didn't break anyone's crown today.

Rory Coleman
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