Monday, 24 October 2016

The Musical Box - Genesis

Lyrics:- 'And the nurse will tell you lies of a kingdom beyond the skies. But I am lost within this half-world, it hardly seems to matter now.' - Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett & Rutherford

Song Choice:- A brilliant song from their 1971 Nursery Cryme album. A really fitting choice as in less than a week, I've seen Pink Floyd and Genesis play live, and play all their best tunes too... OK it was two great tribute bands, but who cares as they were both scarily as I remember seeing the real bands way back in the 70's.

Last night's tribute band, 'Musical Box' came courtesy of some old school friends of mine whom wanted to accompany a post GBS get together, with the music we grew up on, loved and adored in our teens. For a couple of hours, we were teenagers again and sang along word perfect to a note perfect gig. Luckily for Dave, David, Simon and Phil I wasn't in the wheelchair they'd imagined I'd be in, which was a good job considering the amount of steps at the Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms.

It's funny that none of them look or seem any older and thanks for organising the surprise chaps, it was most generous of you :-)

Anyway, I find it's always good to get a good life flashback and a dose of nostalgia every now and again but I wondered which current artists will have a tribute band of their own in the future? The X-Factor winner doesn't last more than a single, so I'm not expecting to see a 'Honey Bee' in 10 or 20 years’ time but I do hope my current favourite 'Public Service Broadcasting' will have had their tunes immortalised. If you have yet to hear them have a listen here.

Maybe there's a lesson here and it's not only a case of 'That's what I call music' but 'That's what I call living' too.

What number album are you up to?

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