Monday, 30 September 2013

Stoptober Day 22 - Olympic Park - Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel

'All of the buildings, all of those cars, were once just a dream, in somebody's head' - The Awesome, Sir Peter of the Gabriel...

I've been on the road for 22 long days now, some 616 miles of road, pavement & cycle-tracks in some of the UK's most amazing land and city-scapes you could ever wish to see. Apart from the sheer number of people I've met, dodged or seen it's the vastness of the architecture that's blown me away today especially down at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Not only is it being redeveloped further, it's being surrounded by new buildings and shopping centres that look like they've arrived from Grand Designs...they look pretty wacky to me and as Peter Gabriel says, they were once a dream in someone's head. We are remarkable creatures us humans, makes you wonder why we need the urge to smoke cigarettes in a world that can deliver so much wonderment in just a few hours of the day, like it did for me.

My #Stoptober Challenge peaks tomorrow in London in Trafalgar Square, where I can remember going to at lots of different times in my life, from a little boy of 7 to all those times I've been in London for the Marathon. I'm going to try and get a quick look in the National Gallery too if I can and soak up the embankment landmarks before my run into the Square at Midday.

If you can come and see me, that would be great.

And if you are going for STOPTOBER tomorrow - Good Luck and keep at it - There's more to life than cigarettes, I can promise you that for sure. I know...

More tomorrow...

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