Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay

Lyrics:- 'Everything you want's a dream away' - Martin, Berryman, Buckland, Eriksen, Hermansen & Champion.

Song Choice:- One of Coldplay's finest, (although they all sound the same a bit to me, if I'm being honest), and certainly the pick of the 'A head full of dreams' album.

Following on from yesterday's blog which featured the sad news of George Michael's death, I've been amazed at the diversity of the opinion aroused by his death at the relatively young age of 53.

He obviously made choices, some good and some not so good. But then we all don't we all, every single day of our lives. It was just a shame on his part that he had the means we would all love to make everything we want just a dream away - but either cocked it up or lived life to the full.

It all depends how you look at it as maybe it's not how you live your life, it's how much life you live that matter and you could say that George got the most out of his time on the planet.

Are you getting the most out of yours?

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