Sunday, 11 December 2016

Severina - The Mission

Lyric:- 'She's got a head full of secrets'...

Song Choice:- Have you forgotten just how good 'The Mission' were? I had too, but then they popped up on my iPod whilst I was out running today and 'KaPow' I was suddenly catapulted back in time to 1986 when shoulder pads ruled, mortgage rates soared and Severina peaked at a very average #14 in the charts. Look here and see just what we were all missing thirty years ago...and probably still are today.

It always make me wonder whatever happened to groups like The Mission doubtless they are still touring like The Cult and hopefully they are still alive even.

Then again, if you are in a 'Midlife Crisis' yourself ,as I described in Friday's blog, and are around the 40 mark, you were a mere child when 'Goth Rock' was all the rage and even though you won't remember it from the time, Severina's lyrics were pretty damn good.

The Lyrics work for the chaps too as you could easily say HE'S got her head in the clouds and HE'S got the stars in his eyes but it wouldn't be the same 'Goth Lovesong' would it. The sentiment would be there though as I believe everyone has a secret wish or desire that if they were given an opportunity to experience would jump at the opportunity.

I'm sure there were some TV shows over the years where folks dreams have become reality - only this reality isn't going to come from a TV Show, it comes from within.

Are you a Secret Severina?

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