Thursday, 29 December 2016

Used to be - Rory Gallagher

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Lyric:- 'Here's my fastback baby'...

Song Choice:- I bought his 'album way back in 1980 and it was already in the bargain bin then so I'm not quite sure how many copies this actually sold. I hadn't heard this track for donkey's years but it brought back memories, some good and some not so of my late teens. Anyway, take a listen here to the Oirish Blues legend and see what you think.

You see it's so easy to get into the 'Used to be' frame of mind and live in the past. I used to be a 'World Record Breaking' athlete but it counts for nothing nowadays as it's not about what you've done - it's what you are going to do that counts.

Anyone can drone on about what they've achieved in life (me very much included sometimes, you know, been there got the T-Shirt kinda stuff) but apart from the experience gained - it doesn't matter really how fast, how long, how anything you've recorded as you are only as good as your next run.

Recently, I've been getting upset by my snail's pace running but let's face it my marathon PB was 965 marathons and nearly 21 years ago. I'm not the sprightly 34 year old I was then and even without the GBS I would never have beaten it now in my mid 50's anyway, so why worry?

I've still got my drive and determination and even though I was travelling virtually all day today, I did get a slow 5km run in to keep my legs turning over. TBH, they are pretty shot following a couple of six mile days but I'm still in there and fighting away at getting fitter and faster in 2017 - aren't you?

Or are you too busy being 'your used to be'?

Rory Coleman - 980 Marathons - 241 Ultras
13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8,394 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

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