Friday, 9 December 2016

Midlife Crisis - Faith No More

Lyric:- 'Go on and wring my neck, like when a rag gets wet...

Song Choice:- It's sometime since I listened to some of the really grungy FNM tracks but I'm so glad I did as this one sums up perfectly how I feel going into the last couple of weeks of a very strange year of my life.

A 'Midlife Crisis?' Well it could be as I'm between 45-60 which Wikipedia classes as being mid-life; that's if 105 (60 + 45 years to my way of thinking) is classed as the top-out age that we are all aiming for. Maybe for Kirk Douglas but not Greg Lake perhaps...

The thing is, I meet SO many people I would describe as being Midlife Crisis, it's difficult to actually say who isn't - the only thing I would question is that I think it's more of a 30-50 years of age crisis where each decade threshold adds more fuel to the fire, rather than a 45-60 kind thing  Spontaneous combustion can happen at any moment past 40 and life-derailment can envelope you when you are least expecting it, I know.

Managing the desire for adventure is the tricky part I've found but you can always tell when you are coming up to another 'Midlife' situation as your feet get twitchy and your fingers get itchy. Your uncertainty about things becomes even more uncertain and just a simple act of choosing something becomes a complete conundrum as nothing really matters any more except the knowledge that you need to achieve, something, somewhere 'on your own'.

Am I making sense?

I'm itching myself as I feel that I'm nearing feeling back to my old self but haven't achieved anything in the past year - apart from learning to walk after a paralysing illness etc, but that's boring and not achieving in my book.

Achieving stuff makes me happy, does it make you happy about yourself too?

Are you in Crisis?

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