Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Run to You - Bryan Adams

Lyrics:- 'When it gets too much' - Adams

Song Choice:- This song cropped up on a Hits 1984 TV Show I browsed through last night. Amongst some long lost howlers, this one just shone out, especially the guitar riff at 2:35 into the song. Although I did buy it at the time, since the 16 week run with the woefully awful '(Everything I Do) I Do It for You', in 1991 - he simply dropped off my radar and rapidly gathered dust in my CD Collection.

Anyway, I could've chosen the track for it's 'Running' connotation but I'm more interested in the 'When it gets too much' line as in the run up to Christmas I'm getting more and more despondent about the whole yuletide festivities surrounding the Mid-winter Pagan Festival.

Don't get me wrong, as I'm not being Captain Humbug here as I'm looking forward to some great family times with my family and children, but as for gifts, there's nothing this year that I can say I personally need or want. I believe Christmas is for the kids and I have everything right now.

Do you feel the same or am I on my own here? 

After a pretty tough year, where I've discovered a lot about myself, I've learned more than ever that it's achievement that's drives me on and that one's ongoing health is vital and that they're gifts that money simply can't buy. 

Maybe this is that poignant moment in my recovery I've been waiting for following last weekend's, Traviss Wilcox's Dymchurch Marathon, where I'm feeling a lot more back-to-normal, whatever that is? 

That's some gift, that doesn't need wrapping I can tell you... Let me know if it's all getting too much for you too?

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