Saturday, 17 December 2016

Fashion - David Bowie

Lyrics:- 'Fashion it's loud and tasteless' - Bowie

Song Choice:-Well it's ages since I chose a David Bowie track for my blog and it seems only right in honour of 'The Thin White Duke' who died last January. Fashion made #5 in the UK charts in 1980... you's think it would have been a chart topper wouldn't you?

Anyway, back to task and isn't it funny how fashion changes? The Yellow Pages made its annual trip from my doormat-to-bin in one foul swoop again yesterday and yet thirty years ago I held it in extreme reverence as one of my first jobs was drawing adverts for it. (Yesterday's delivery also included leaving thirty or so along our street which have also now landed in our bin)...

Another reminder of things moving on this week was the news of the nationwide Red Telephone Kiosk demise, with some not even registering a single call being made from this year. Others maybe only a call of nature as that was probably one of their bigger uses as I remember. They always had a particular smell about them...

Hmm... We won't miss that eh?

Or the Fax-Machine or Photocopier for that matter. I can't remember when I last used either of them.

But then maybe that's evolution as well as fashion. In 2016, how are you getting on with FB, bored of it yet?  It took over from lots of Forums, which were all the rage at one time, think of Runner's World and Fetch, they were massive. 

I wonder whatever's coming next for us?

I do know that in thirty years' we'll be harking back at just how great a lot of our present-modern-day stuff used. Whatever takes over our lives from the Internet will have to be amazing.

I wonder just how much we need to change to make life any better, or do we just need to change ourselves. You never know, your next big fashion statement could be we'll be YOU. 

And unlike The Grand Tour, (the new Top-Gear) you're not past your sell-by-date yet!

And neither am I... bring on 2017 I say...

980 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
8,382 Days' Dry

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