Friday, 30 December 2016

Excuse Me - Sir Peter of Gabriel

'No Excuses'
Lyric:- 'I got the medicine' - Gabriel

Song Choice:- Taken from Gabriel's first solo album from 1977, it's a far cry from the material from his last album with Genesis but it's interesting listening and producer Bob Ezrin's influence is clearly there to be heard and the whole album has a feeling of Alice Cooper's 'Welcome to my Nightmare' and Floyd's, 'The Wall' IMO.

Anyway, I'm not going to 'Excuse' myself for using this track to highlight today's blog as I'm using the other meaning of the spelling 'Excuse' as we, including myself are full of them. 'Excuses' that is. Added to that I think we are all also full of the BS that accompanies the reasons why we don't do things or accomplish the goals we set out to do. My goal was to get out and run a few more miles which of course I did. Here's today's V-Blog link.

In the real world, we never set out to fail and yet so often folk do. I now serial such 'failures'.

I hardly ever fail in anything I undertake, yet how many times do we see on social media do we see folk failing, saying that they 'Quit, because they didn't want to cause any permanent damage to themselves' especially in an ULTRA or Multi-Day.

That excuse gets me every time. You see it's down to how committed you are and failure should only come from accidental causes that are out of ones control.

You see in my book if you've invested the right amount of effort into something, you always deliver. I see great results time and time again in the folk that I'm coaching be it for a marathon PB or in quitting alcohol for good (well done Dylan BTW - 38 Days' today)  That's because I don't accept folks excuses and why I'm not prepared to accept them even from myself going into 2017.

I mean, why say that you are going to do something and then don't; you are better off not saying it in the first place. I'd like to know I could climb Everest or swim the Channel before I set off, wouldn't you?

I have no 'Excuses' - Guillain Barre Syndrome, Prednisolone, Time, Work, Family... anything in fact as if you want something bad enough, and you really, really want it - You'll do it. For those embarking on 'One Year No Beer' next year - NOT drinking alcohol is really easy... 

You just don't. 

Take it from me as it's the easy way of stopping. Getting to the point where you can say that to yourself is f@cking hard to say the least but it's easy to make 'excuses'. So do yourself a favour and cut through your own BS next year, make some firm goals and a lot less excuses and live the life you want to live. Honesty is always the best way, especially with yourself.

Please 'Excuse me' for being so blunt... but hey, as I'm not looking for 'Excuses', don't 'Excuse me'.

Rory Coleman - 980 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8,395 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

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