Friday, 23 December 2016

Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

Lyric:- 'Where does that highway go to?' - Byrne, Eno, Frantz, Harrison, and Weymouth

Song Choice:- Another Talking Heads classic for today's blog and one of the first 12" Singles that I ever bought way back in 1981.

It marked a real changing point for me coming out of a regimented Grammar School into the hippy world of Art College, you see it provided no real clear rules or boundaries which although I like to see myself now as a bit of a maverick, I actually need.

Maybe it's a 'Man Thing' as I'm someone that definitely needs to know where my highway is going to. I only have to get in the car to know that, as I use my TomTom to navigate all my journeys however short just to know how far I am from my destination, that I'm using the quickest route and there's as little traffic as possible. Sound familiar?

Anyway, I believe that's why I've loved this running lark over the years so much. Knowing the route and mapping my progress along it has always been an integral part of any run I've ever done and the longer the better, I've found.

Going to Lisbon proved that one and maybe that's my 'Once in a Lifetime - Road to Somewhere' journey (See what I did there). Then again you don't need to run 2004km to go and find yourself. You just have to open your eyes and take in the view from your everyday journey of life.

So why not take some time out over the holiday period to think about where you are going to in 2017, it might be further than you think.

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