Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42

The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42

Lyric:- ‘Living it up, I can feel it’… Lindup, King, Gould & Badarou

Song Choice:- Well here’s a blast from the past. 1983 in fact when Mark King’s Level 42 and his funky fretless bass playing was all the rage – I loved ‘em at the time and still do. See if you remember this one and hear the reason why I loved this track so much. Maybe before the sun goes down perhaps?

Then again you’ll have to hurry up, because at this time of year, the sun hardly ever comes up, well not for long anyway before it sets again at 1604hrs in Cardiff for about a week around December 21st. I for one can’t wait to be heading back around the Sun’s Orbit so we can get longer daylight hours giving us some warmer Spring days to combat the yucky wet ones I’m personally struggling with right now.

I wonder if you dislike them too?

Feel sorry for the poor folk further oop North. For instance, in Edinburgh they get 52 minute’s daytime less than us folk down here in South Wales and even further up in Shetland it’s a massive 1 hour 57 minutes - I bet there isn’t much sun cream in their Christmas Stockings! Maybe a head-torch would be a better bet as it’s just 5hrs and 49 minutes between Sunrise and Sunset. Yikes, not a winter holiday for those suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I’d say.

No wonder folk head for some Winter sun.

It’s must be the best way of cheering up the Winter Solstice – if theres any better way, I’d love to know…

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