Sunday, 4 December 2016

Glittering Prize - Simple Minds

Lyrics:- 'in the light of reflection' - Burchill, Kerr & MacNeil

Song Choice:- Well I really wanted a song with 'Legacy' either in title or in the lyrics and couldn't find either. I nearly chose 'Epitaph' by King Crimson but it's a bit too depressing for what I want to be a more uplifting blog experience today.

This all started with a long conversation with Lady Coleman on our way to the Dymchurch Marathon weekend (the furthest place we could ever choose from Cardiff in the UK) where each of us knocked out a marathon on a perfectly flat course. Sounds easy? But in reality, into a freezing headwind it certainly tested us both in my recovery from illness and Jenny's from her more recent childbirth.

Anyway, we got onto the topic of 'Legacy', you know, what folk leave behind them when they're dead as a mark on the world that they were here and left a lasting footprint on the place. Sure, we have our children as a major forward contributor to world affairs and you never know, we might have a future 'Nobel Scientist' living at #48 right now (Not you Sam).

Then again we might not have much else to mark our passage. I think about this a lot and maybe that's why I'm so keen on displaying my ever growing marathon total and why that 1000 marathon mark is so important for me to personally acknowledge with erm.... Me.

It seems sad to me that going back only 100 years in time that I know very little of my own ancestors and to the young people of today most haven't a clue whom Amundsen, Scott or Shackleton were and what they achieved in history. Even my own boyhood hero, Neil Armstrong is now growing dimmer in the rear view mirror of 'Father Time'. Not many kids know who Buzz Aldrin? is...

So how do you make your mark or not as it happens?.. Which fifteen seconds of highlights would folk show of you come the glorious day of your departing?

What 'Glittering Prize' have you got to offer?

Rory Coleman - 980 Marathons - 241 Ultras
13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8369 Days' Alcohol Free.


  1. Hi Rory, It was a pleasure to run with you a bit on Saturday and good luck for a speedy recovery. Funnily enough, Ernest Shackleton is famous in these parts as he attended Dulwich College just down the road. On the legacy matter, if the survivors and friends recall one as a good person who was constructive,kind and positive, I think that is a strong legacy.Well done on Saturday Rory. It was a tough day at the office. I found out I was dehydrated when I got back to the hotel. On such a cold day too!Learned a lesson there. Forever Floyd and take care. Andrew

  2. It was my pleasure too - Lady C said yesterday was her toughest ever marathon :-) Try Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting here

  3. Ha ha! You may or may not want to mention that you know somebody who did both and he thinks that your day was quite a bit harder! Second thoughts, best keep the peace!All the best A

  4. Great track, great band.Thsnks for the tip! A