Saturday, 24 December 2016

I Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Extended Mix) - Paul Young

Lyric:- 'You think you've got it all set up, you think you've got the perfect plan' - Randle

Song Choice:- A great song from Paul Young's, 'The Secret of Association' album which features the brilliant bass playing of Pino Pallidino from good old Caerdydd (so crank up your sub and have a listen here to Top of the Tops from 11/10/1984 or buy the album for a bargain £6.99p). Originally recorded in 1972, by Ann Peebles, it has some great lyrics and it's the 'Tearing down your playhouse' part that I'm interested in for today's Christmas Blog.

Like me you've probably been receiving Christmas best wishes emails from supermarkets and places where you've shopped during the past year wishing you well at this time of year. I admire the sentiment as this is the modern world we live in, what else should we expect. Facebook seems to be the place to post out to blindly to Friends and Family, however I believe there's one clear message at this time of year for all and that is 'Hope'.

I HOPE that only good things happen in 2017 for all as a lot of shit happened to a lot of us in 2016.

And as you and your family draw together, enjoy a couple of days off from the 'Life-Merry-Go-Round' and have a Great Christmas and a very Hopeful New Year. 

As you never know when your 'Playhouse will come tumbling down', Amen.

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