Tuesday, 25 February 2014

And dream of Sheep - Kate's Bush

'Let me be weak and dream of sheep' - Bush

Well the weekend's early start caught up with me during my 3pm sugar-low and I felt pretty whacked if I'm being honest. Jenny was being kind when she said I looked 'tired' as on seeing an old man looking back at me in the mirror, I decided to make today a national day of rest for me.

It's always disappointing to me when I'm not active but I do possess a good on-board self control mechanism that has preserved and served me well now for the past 20 years.

Knowing when to stop is a great asset and that knowledge could have saved many of my acquaintances over the years from an early exit from the sport we love to love so much and make our worlds revolve around.

My legs and body feel 100% - However my eyelids certainly took some lifting this afternoon and tomorrow's another day with fresh horizons. An hour long bath helped loads...more tomorrow eh?

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