Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hungry like the Wolf - Duran Duran

Maltloaf would be better perhaps?
One problem of running boat-loads of miles is that you need lots of Kcals intake to go with it and to be honest, I'm really hungry and having a voracious appetite anyway isn't helping at all in the wee hours as I'm waking up at 4am feeling VERY HUNGRY indeed.

Even a couple of CLIF bars at midnight didn't fill the gap and I was busily making stodgy Porridge at 4am to try and stop the tummy rumbles disturb my midnight slumber.

It's weird as I'm drinking lots and hydrating like a good 'un with a good level of sodium intake too, allowing for the extra gym sweatage being undertaken. Like anyone training this week, the thought of running OUTSIDE is plainly daft as the trees are being bent double in Caerdydd's Pontcanna Fields and it's so windy that you are running as fast as Usain Bolt one way or insanely trying to stay on your feet the yep, you guessed it...more of the treadmill sweatshop for me tonight - 16km might be pushing it!!!

Hopefully, the weather will improve for the weekend and I can enjoy the fresh-air and freedom running outdoors offers...We are living in bonkers times folks.

More tomorrow...and I reckon a midnight malt-loaf is on the cards. What satisfies your appetite mid night ? (no dirty answers perlease).

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