Friday, 28 February 2014

Time Stand Still - Rush

'I let my past go too fast, No time to pause, If I could slow it all down' - Lee, Lifeson & Peart.

The past two days have simply whizzed by (story of my life) and I've been smashing in the miles, talking myself hoarse with clients and speaking at the Charity Launch of MdS Celebrity Runners Mark Lewis-Jones and Richard Harrington at the Norwegian Church down in Cardiff's Bay.

Most humbling of all was a lady with Lymphoma who spoke about her onset of cancer...she was just AMAZING to listen too. Put my whole world into perspective I can tell you and it makes your own fears and worries seem very insignificant indeed when you hear someone like her tell you her story.

That's the thing you see, we are always hopping onto the next thing, the next project, the next job, the next life rollercoaster and sometimes we don't appreciate the one we are on...I'm determined now to enjoy my Barry 40, The MdS and my 23 x 40 milers in April/May as I'm SO lucky to be able to do this...

Hopefully we will be lucky with the weather too on our MdS Training Camp this weekend with 24 of this years racers coming to Wales to experience sand dunes and mountains...

More on Sunday...happy running and make your time stand still folks!

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