Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Open Up - Leftfield

A Mars a Day...
'All in all, a three-ring circus of unity with parody
Tragedy or comedy, probably publicity' - Board & Dulfer

I was described as being 'Leftfield' the other day, which I took as a compliment as I've never fitted in with the crowd and know I never will. It's funny how I spend a lot of my time coaching others to join me in the 'Left of Field' position as more and more folk are attracted by the 'out of the norm' life existence they see us living.

I'm sure I was just as 'Leftfield' back in my school days and I know that I was different to my peers and I enjoyed 'sticking out' from the crowd. I believe it changed my early professional career and took me in a path that I eventually came to dislike prior to finding my direction in Coaching.

Today for instance has been a solid day of coaching both in the gym as well as wall-to-wall Skype calls to a complete spectrum of clients searching how to find their own 'Leftfield' two of whom were a Mars One Astronaut and another a potential GB Ultra-Athlete...There's never a dull day at Rory Coleman-World...though there never has been.

More from the extremes tomorrow...

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