Thursday, 13 February 2014

It's Late - Queen

'There's no one but myself to blame' - May

It's never TOO late to make a change and today has been all about change and how I'm going to help two significant organisations help their staff go from 'Zero to Heroes' over the next few months. In my own case, it's a continual process and I'm running off piles of excess pounds in the gym and avoiding as much of my banned substances as I possibly can.

The treadmill hour today acted as a prelude to the three marathons I have planned over the next four days and I must thank my old mate Chris Seeney for giving me #832 to wear as it's my 832nd marathon...nice!

Time now to get some baked potato down ready for my weekend of running and I'm looking forward to running with MdS Wannabe, Sarah Morris tomorrow.

More then...

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