Sunday, 16 February 2014

One Slip - The Pink Floyd

'One slip and down the hole we fall it seems to take no time at all.  A momentary lapse of reason, that binds a life to a life' - Sir David of Glimour

I loved running The Broadmeadow 'Valentine's Marathon', in my old stomping ground around Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday. We actually ran on my old school cross-country course over Cross O'the Hill if you know it, some 41 years on from when I first ran it on a wet friday afternoon in 1973 and seven (yes Seven!!!) times up and down The Greenway as well as a lap of the very picturesque Welford-on-Avon, where I remember watching my elder brother play football back in 1969 at the little village school. 

My day was full of memories and my shoes were full of water AND mud as the path was in a terrible state in places and underwater in some which didn't help proceedings at all. I was pleased with my 4hrs 20 mins for the 26.5 miles and my heart-rate for the day shows in 'Race Pace' full the majority of the time and above for the parts where we ran uphill straight into a gale!

Don't get me wrong about either the memories OR the race as I have happy reflections of my years spent growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon and I saw places that I have very vivid memories of that give one that happy lift of adrenalin thinking back to a time that was much simpler and more carefree. Then again, I felt liberated and carefree yesterday on my run so I must thank my old friend Chris Seeney for letting me do his race at very short notice.

I'm looking at a few warm down miles later on in the fresh Cardiff there's a rarity and I hope will make me happy memories of the future.

More tomorrow...

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