Saturday, 22 February 2014

Barrel of a Gun - Depeche Mode

100% - can't ask for more...

'A vicious appetite, visits me each night. And won't be satisfied, won't be denied' - Gore

The need for speed hit me this morning and I did a very rare, for me, Cardiff parkrun. Now I'm not a very big fan of the 5km, as you know but the words of my good friend Mick Mcgeoch ring loudly in my ears that 5km is an ENDURANCE race and should be ran that way...inspiring words!

It's some time since I did a parkrun (During my #Stoptober last September/October, told you I don't do many) but I wasn't far off my PB and the first two miles today were VERY QUICK for me clocking a hearty 6.40 min/miles pace at one stage. I did pay for that flush of youth in the last mile where my legs turned to jelly and it felt like I was running in custard but I managed a decent run and looking at my heart-rate displays a 100% spent at a High-Intensity level so in real terms I gave it all I'd got.

Well, you can't ask more than that in my book and with more speed work and more hills, I'm sure I can knock a minute off my 22.59 time of today. Let's hope my legs haven't taken too much of a hit prior to tomorrow's Heartbreaker Marathon in the New Forest eh?

More tomorrow and Da iawn Gymru - it was an awesome match last night...

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