Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Blue Monday - New Order

Lyric:- 'Tell me how do I feel' - Gilbert, Hook, Morris & Sumner

Song Choice:- The 1983 synth-pop classic is just perfect for today's Vlog and if I'm being honest, I've always enjoyed Peter Hook's bass playing and later Jonny Marr's guitar work in Electronic rather than Bernard Sumner's rather reedy flat vocals. Then again it sold 1.21 million copies so Sumner probably isn't all that bothered about what I think...

Anyway, how was your 'Blue Monday' (See the connection)? - you know, 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. Three weeks since Chrimbo and another two from payday.

Well mine was ok apart from just about the worst run, I've ever done. I'm not sure quite why. It could well be fatigue from Sunday's tempo run and it's not surprising that after that my legs did feel dead but whatever it was, they just wouldn't move at all today. 

I mean, they just didn't respond.

All I could think when I was running was 'Fuck me, this is slow'. Of course it could all be different today and 'Blue Monday' will no doubt become 'Green Light Tuesday' as life plays out it's ups and downs that way and I've been around the block enough times to realise that and not get disheartened when a lot of folk in a similar situation might.

Not being able to do what you used to though is bloody annoying to say the least, but I'll get it all back eventually or as close as I can.

So in defiance  I'm keeping 'Blue Monday' as a great track to listen to, rather than an excuse to have a shitty day. My lights have just changed to green so it's full steam ahead with a new day.

How are you doing? Blue or Green?

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  1. Good track Rory, but they lost a fortune on it because the 12 " cost more to produce than they sold it for !