Thursday, 26 January 2017

Book of Dreams - Suzanne Vega

Today's Message
Lyric:- 'Rode like foam on the river of pity, healed the hole that ripped in living' - Vega

Song Choice:- I've always thought that Suzanne Vega was a bit underrated. I love the way she paint's pictures with her lyrics and delivers them with that smooth chocolaty voice that melts me every single time...

Anyway, it's been an interesting few days where I've been becoming more interested in folks reasoning behind their lifestyle choices, including their approach to fitness. You see 'Life' doesn't come with a handbook, it comes with choices, experience, setbacks and a bucket of hindsight.

Let's think back to learning to drive for instance... For me over 30 years ago and I'm sure that the basics still apply here in that you have some lessons from someone who CAN drive, get in the car and start the whole experience of becoming a 'Driver'. Are you really interested in the amount of torque the engine produces or the gear ratios in return for the fuel economy. Are you hell...The exhilaration of actually being behind the wheel was enough and the thought of the freedom that comes with driving was enough to incentivise your progression.

In reality, I was more worried about not crashing the bloody thing but with the more experience I got from my instructor (4 lessons) and from time practising behind the wheel - the better I got until the day when I finally threw away the number plates and got let lose on the roads, solo. 

That's where the trouble starts as until you are 70, you are free to drive as badly as you like within reason. I like to think I'm a good driver and my record of not killing myself or other people over that 30 year span speaks volumes. It certainly didn't come from my reading 'The Law of Driving' or a 'Haynes Manual' on how to service my 1980, 1100cc Mini Clubman (I loved that car) - yet why do we feel the need to consult the internet on everything we do now or read 'how to' books on Lifestyle Tips, Heart-Rate Training or Ultra-Dieting to 'understand' things or ourselves better?

My thing is and always has been, that it's about how you 'feel' and keeping things really simple. And yes I know I've just written a book but it's not a 'how to' volume, it's about how I uncomplicated my life and saw things for what they really are - me included. For that I didn't need any help. I just needed to open my senses to the 'River of Pity' I was sailing down.

Talk is cheap, if only we DID as much as we SPEAK. The internet is full of content on everything imaginable by folk we don't know. If you don't know how to live life, don't ask Google take some driving lessons on life in real life, from those that you know have and you won't go far wrong. Questions? Well there aren't any really and if you follow your leader you'll 'Heal the hole in your Living' that you are so desperately searching for.

More tomorrow folks...

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