Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Day - U2

New Year's Day Message
Lyrics:- 'Nothing changes' - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen

Song Choice:- There's no excuse for my annual choice of track on New Year's Day. It's one of the 'Oirish Fab Fours' defining tracks that has some great guitar and piano work from 'The Edge' and a live action video to accompany it which is well worth another view IMO as all of them look so young.

Anyway, Bono sings that 'Nothing changes' - yet changes are happening all the time, some massive, some minute but they happen every single day of our lives. In 2017, we now have a Sir Andy and a Sir Mo, plus numerous Dames, as well as some new currency to look forward to using on an increased 'Toll Charge' as you cross over the Severn Bridge into God's Country; to name but a few over the past few days alone.

They are of course changes that are not of our own doing but are enforced whether we approve or not. Personally, I'm ok with them and understand that people need heroes, that counterfeiters need to be thwarted and that bridges' need to be paid for.

What interests me, are the changes one can easily make in one's own domain, as that's the only real world one can alter. Ok, you are not going to end up in the Queen's New Year's Honours List, or a coin designed with your face on - however if you can change you will remember that this is the day you did it.

It's easy to do so today, as if you had a good blow out last night, you probably don't feel like doing it all over again right now and 'Day One' is in the bag., especially if it's alcohol related.

So with today in the bag, 'Day Two' awaits, where you can experience more of 'The Golden Age' as Bono puts it...

My fast three miler is here - what did you do today?

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