Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Great Gig in the Sky - The Pink Floyd

Talking Greatness - Listen Here
Lyric:- 'Anytime will do' - Wright & Torry

Song Choice:- It's probably one of Floyd's most emotive tracks and about dying of course, and features the amazing vocals of Clare Torry. I made sure she was in the credits above btw as she only got £60 for her couple of hours of vocal input and later sued the band for an undisclosed sum - only right though I suppose and that's Rock and Roll eh?

Anyway, it's the 'Great' part that I'm really interested in for today's v-blog. That and Torry's amazing vocal performance. You see, I've been sending out my 'A Rebel and a Runner' Books today with my hand-written messages of 'Greatness' dedicated to the folk that have bought them.

The thing is, how do we know what being 'Great' actually is?

Ask me how I feel and I'll often say that I feel 'Great' and I'm sure that running makes you feel that way. Captain Adrenalin has a lot to answer for and being dry also helps. Getting ones life in order also does the job.

On a rainy day in Cardiff, can I say that everything 'Great'? Well thinking about it, I've felt a lot worse and take a listen to 'The Great Gig in the Sky' as I bet after you hear it you'll feel more alive than dead. 

Maybe it's getting that feeling of being 'Alive' really makes us feel 'Great' - what do you think? Don't take too deciding as 'anytime WON'T do...

Are you or do you feel 'Great' right now?

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