Friday, 20 January 2017

Forever - The Charlatans

On being a 'Champion'
Lyric:- 'Oh I wonder what you people do with your lives' - Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins & Rogers

Song Choice:- A lesser know Charlatans single but one of their finest IMO and highlights my thoughts today quite nicely about 'Running' and it's 'Forever" qualities. Got to #12 this one btw and has some super-subsonic bass which is well worth a listen.

Anyway, my Friday thoughts are about YOU becoming your own 'Champion' in whatever event you are contemplating taking part in this year. For me running in the same Flora London Marathon Race as Paula in 2003 and sharing her Post-Race Press Conference was a real honour. Being tapped on the shoulder and being wished 'Good Luck' by Mohamad Ahansal at the start of this year's Marathon des Sables was another real-life moment. How many races would that happen in?

You see, you can't run out onto Old Trafford for a kick-about with Wayne or drive your family runabout around Monaco trying to keep up with Lewis. Even if you could, hurry up as Wayne and Lewis won't be doing it themselves much longer as retirement beckons.

We, on the other hand, have a lifetime left in our running exploits and can therefore spread them out and achieve more personal goals for a whole lot longer. I can't think of a 55-year old striker playing in the Premier League right now. Plenty talking for hours about it on TV, dropping in their own achievements and their aitches along the way and wishing they were young once more and could play again.

So, the word this Friday, is that we are lucky as we can run 'Forever' and live out our dreams rather than watch others live out theirs.

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