Monday, 30 January 2017

Good Times - Chic

Lyric:- 'Our new state of mind, these are the good times' - Edwards & Rodgers

Song Choice:- This is such a happy tune yet back in 1979, one that I couldn't stand. I was more interested in prog rock and dismissed the melodies of Edwards and Rodgers as being disco rubbish not worthy of my record collection, but oh how time has changed a young man's perspective.

Rather than being amazingly complex pompous neo-classic rock to be marvelled at - this music was all about how it made you feel. I can now see that having a good time and being driven along by that pumping bass line gave disco a real edge and sadly it passed me by.

Ok it was a short lived genre and makes a resurgence every few years but it's amazing what you can miss out on or what you miss when it's taken away from you, especially if at one time you were good at it or it was your profession.

No wonder professional sports-people find it hard to detune themselves from their very protected worlds when retirement looms.

It felt a bit like that when my world turned upside down with the whole GBS thing last year. Getting myself back to where I once was is proving to be a long and uphill journey and even though I'm doing well, it makes me realise just how fit I once was and makes me think that I should've celebrated my successes more rather than immediately moving onto the next challenge.

After all, there's nothing as good as setting PB's or the odd Guinness World Record I've found.

Sadly they both are a rarity and you are never at the top for long whomever you are so don't overlook life'striumphs as it just ain't Chic not to enjoy the 'Good Times' .

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