Saturday, 7 January 2017

Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

'Rory Says'...
Lyrics:- 'Live those dreams' - Frankie says...

Song Choice:- The first weekend in January is always a tough time for anyone trying to combat addiction with a New Year's Resolution. For some though, caving into peer pressure perhaps at a social gathering, it will all be over for another 12 months and another go next January to fail at again.

It's a real shame when folk cave in, and looking in on the those trying to complete 'One Year No Beer's Facebook Group', the PRESSURE they are feeling mostly is from their peer group in such social situations to 'Go on have just one beer'.

I believe that 'Frankie' had it right with saying 'Relax'. If you were around in 1983 you will remember that 'Frankie' said a lot that year but I only have fond memories of the music from around that time and the massive success of Trevor Horn's Production company ZTT that took 'Relax' and 'Two Tribes' to a virtually unprecedented #1 and #2 in the UK charts; he was spot on with the 'Relax' comment.

Getting to that 'Relaxed' state of mind is the tricky bit I found. It's achievable but as I posted recently only YOU the individual can make the decision and make it real.

You see, standing out from the crowd has never been an issue for me. If anything, I've always strayed from the path as much as possible to deliberately distance myself from the masses. As I look back on distancing myself from addiction, I had to obtain distance from myself and that's bloody difficult if there are enabler's out there acting acting as Siren's for 'Addiction's Rocks'.

To the Siren's, 'Frankie says 'F@ck off' and so do I... and give people the space they need.

To the 'One Year No Beer' Group, I'd say leave the party to the party people and take some time out to 'Relax' and do something better with your new found time. I decided to spend  the time I spent in the pub getting fit instead. I could easily have learned a foreign language or to play an instrument I'm sure, but I settled for the marathons and am glad that I did. Deciding what to do with your new found time and budget is all part of the fun, so think on and stay with it this weekend as if you can. Complete this one and the next one is a whole lot easier.

So Relax... and 'Live those Dreams' eh... and not someone else's nightmares.

Rory Coleman - 980 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 23 Years' Alcohol Free.

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