Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Useless - Depeche Mode

Great Scott
Lyrics:- 'Feeling tired and bruised' - Gore

Song Choice:- This great Depeche Mode track was their 34th single at the time (that's a lot more than I'd have guessed) but only got to #28 in the UK Charts back in 1997. The post suicidal Gahan songs have always struck a chord with me and coming from an album titled 'Ultra', no wonder why it's right up my alley.

Anyway, my own post 'Guillian Barre Syndrome' blackness continues and rather than being 'Useless' and therefore sit on my arse and become 'Use-Less'. I've decided to change my strategy and 'Use-More' if you could give it a name. Getting my nerves firing more efficiently every time I exercise takes time - every time. What I've found though is once warmed up I sort of get things going a lot better and  things start to loosen up and start to fire.

The drawback is, that when I go out running, the post-exercise fatigue hits hard and it's like all of the training kinetic energy I build up with resting, gets wiped away for at least two days if not three and I'm technically buggered. Also I've found I can walk faster than I can run therefore I'm stacking in the miles that way with a lot less fatigue.

The results are promising both physically and mentally and there's only one way of finding out if it works - and that's to stick at it. I'll be honest and say that last week I nearly reached out for the 'Prednisilone' but decided that a quick-steroid-fix would only lead to a long period of more side effects as well as having to go 'Cold-turkey' again. With hindsight it was a good decision.

What happens next? Well who knows, but hopefully it's going to be more 'Useful to me than Useless.'

I'll keep you posted...

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