Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Open Your Heart - Madonna

Celebration without Booze
Lyric:- 'I hold the lock and you hold the key' - Ciccone & Leonard

Song Choice:- This is a great Madonna track and one of her finest from her earlier years IMO take a look back at this video to see what I mean; there must have been a huge budget btw. I've always loved the 'Open your heart' line as I believe folk rarely say exactly what they are thinking or how they feel. At a time where folks gloves are off in early January, resetting their goals, I believe it's time for some tough talking.

The tough talking though is best served on someone else's ears where owning up to a few home truths  to someone else will go a long way to finding some solutions to your woes. My clients find it's a real catalyst for success as out of the mire, I always help them see some positives

Madonna so rightly sings that she's going to hold the lock so you can turn the key, and that's just what I do. There's no time better than right now than to use this 'Turnkey Solution' to evaluate your future and start getting things in order for a better and more rewarding life than you are living right now.

Have a think and take the first step on the journey... I did and it's a big day for me tomorrow, where I'll be opening my heart once again and winding up my key to success.

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