Friday, 27 January 2017

Reward - Teardrop Explodes

Lyrics:- 'Suddenly it struck me very clear, suddenly it struck me very clean' - Gill & Cope

Song Choice:- The Teardrop Explodes were an English post-punk/neo-psychedelic band formed in Liverpool in 1978 but I only know them for their 1981hit - Reward. And as we draw towards the end of January, it's the 'Reward' part that I'm interested in for today's blog.

You see, If like me you've been cleaning up your act by actively instigating some replacement behavioural traits, to some degree of success - just how do you celebrate?

It's an interesting thought.

On Wednesday next for instance, if you've been following 'Dry January' will you be going out to catch up on 31 days of sobriety in one session? If you've been cleaning up your diet, will a celebration blow-out Curry hit the spot?

Success or Failure always deem some kind of reward it seems. It's part of our culture, yet neither forms of reward above, hit the spot for me and if I'm being honest.

I think I must have missed out on the instant gratification gene and I prefer more of a permanent mark of success that I can use as a framework to build the rest of my life around. I would therefore suggest that 'success-breeds-success' and once you've got the ball rolling so to speak, stopping to take on a dose of 'celebration kryptonite' is actually counter productive to a continued progression.

I sound like some old spoil-sport here but there are other great ways of celebrating other than eating or drinking. A weight-loss 'Wardrobe Overhaul' or 'Sobriety 4K TV' for instance provides a longer term reward - and I'm sure we all have dream holiday, adventure or even new house we could use as bait to continue our good practices.

And that's my key message today - You've done well getting to where you are right now but don't take your foot off the gas, even for a moment if you can help it. It's so easy to slip into reverse gear and find yourself back at square one with a month's hard work up the swans and another to get you back to where you are today.

So keep a clear mind this weekend and get ready for February. Your 'Reward' might be closer than you think.

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