Wednesday, 25 January 2017

We are the Champions - Queen

Champion Stuff
Lyrics:- 'We are the champions, my friends' - Mercury

Song Choice:- Well it's time I chose one of the many Mercury written Queen tracks and it's from a time when I was a wide-eyed fifteen year old school boy growing up in that hot Silver Jubilee year when we felt we were surrounded by champions, including Freddie of course.

You see recently, I've had a couple of conversations with friends this week about very matter and I wonder if we'll ever get another Pink Floyd, Genesis, Senna, Schumacher or Borg. What heroes!!!

I mean what have we now got on the menu?

Coldplay, Hamilton and Murray... I can feel my eyelids closing as I write the names.

The 'Champion Era' has long gone IMO - only to be replaced by some bland substitute of an anaesthetised mediocrity of uninspiring inspirational people that's sadly fuelled by big money from the far east it would appear.

So just ignore it I say and get on with your own knitting as luckily, we can be our own 'Champions' and forget watching some other people chasing cash for fame or listen to churned out pop music trash that Freddie would certainly turn his nose up at.

We are the Champions only got to #2 in the charts btw in 1977 - in contrast we now have the ' wonderful' James Arthur, big f@cking deal...Listening to him is 'Committing a Crime and well worth a Sentence' if you ask me.

So crack out your vinyl and Keep on 'Fighting to the End' and remember 'You are the Champion, Today and Everyday'.

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