Monday, 2 January 2017

Can you feel it - The Jackson Five

Live in the Park
Lyric:- 'The whole world is coming together now' - Jackson & Jackson

Song Choice:- Well I've never chosen a Jackson track for my blog before, yet the title is perfect for my thoughts today. When I looked closer on Wiki it says it was recorded in 1980, which was a bit of a shock but then again, at 18 I was more into my 'Prog Rock' and not so much 'Disco' at the time if I'm being honest.

Anyway, if you are on Day Two of your January 'detox' from ANYTHING all, what I can say apart from 'Well Done'.

Can you feel just how good it feels to be straight? I have that feeling every single day of my life and that's a much better offer than any pint or glass or wine could ever have given me. So tell me why do we do it?

What is the great draw of numbing ones brain-cells with booze? Is it part of our culture or about fitting in with the crowd? How long will it be until it's seen as being such a waste of time, money and grief and socially unacceptable?

If only it were already - so many lives would be saved...

Anyway, I'm glad I was on one of the first buses out of Boozeville and if yours has just left you are in for the journey of a lifetime - believe me.

Can you feel it now?

Rory Coleman - 980 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8,398 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Caerdydd, Cymru

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