Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sultans of Swing

Video Message from the Sultan of Swing
Lyric:- 'Competition in other places' - Knopfler

Song Choice:- The 1978 classic sprovides a brilliant background to today's blog and even though I'm not the biggest Dire Straits fan, this is a track you can't fail to try and sing-a-long to I've found.

And it's the 'Swing' that I'm interested in today as I'm wondering if you are back into yours following the Christmas break as it's only three weeks since we were tucking into that festive mountain of food. By now, I hope you've managed to shift your over-indulgence.

Getting life back in rhythm takes time but then again getting any behavioural trait to be part of your daily routine actually takes longer I've found and if you are trying to clean up your act, it's more like 6 weeks to get things as a habit, rather than a 3 week wonder.

None the less, consider yourself half way there if you are on a bit of a mission.

My mission continued today with some good tempo miles in the tank and I'll admit, it ain't easy as there's a fine line between training and burn out. It felt like I was running more than walking so I must be getting somewhere.

Having GBS reduces ones battery life extensively and an overnight recharge just isn't enough. Realisation in knowing that will hopefully get me back into my 'Swing' a lot quicker - otherwise I'll be in Dire Straits.

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