Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Sensual World - Kate Bush

Lyric:- You don't need words...Bush

Song Choice:- I've chosen this song many times now as it's just perfect in so many ways. Lyrics like rich cream and musically sensual in every way. It's pure songwriting genius.

Perfect for where I am right now about to start writing chapter four of my memoirs. I love the idea of not needing words where the reader could just dive into my world and see the things and experience life the way I have so far. 18,000 words in and I'm not sure if I understand myself at times and retrospectively can now see where I've taken the wrong path or have given too much or too little at any one time.

Mostly, I've been over enthusiastic perhaps and failed to maintain the early pace of youth.

These last few years of Coaching have taught me so much about how I'm perceived by other people. Today I was described yet again as a 'Marmite Person' (you know you either love Marmite or hate it) by someone I've known professionally for years. I'm more inclined to think that it's more whether people get me or they don't.

I'm just not satisfied being ordinary...well that's what my Brother and Sister say about me and they've known me all my life.

Do the people you know get you? Or are you a mystery, my book's helping me rediscover my path to today. Scary in places and jubilant in others.

But that's life eh? Actions speak louder than words :-)

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