Sunday, 26 October 2014

Destination Vertical - Masha Qrella

Lyric:- My knees are trembling I feel weak - Qrella

Song Choice:- This song cropped up towards the end of Season Two of Grey's Anatomy with Meredith and Derek falling in or was it out of love again (either not the first or last time). Anyway, I simply had to download it and start to play it to death especially after yesterday's Beachy Head Marathon.

It was my 11th Beachy/Seven Sisters (as it used to be called) and 867th Lifetime Marathon. I just love this race and it has everything a Colemeister could ever want. Mud, Hills, Views and lots of people to race against or overtake as that really fires me up nowadays. There are less than ten places where you are best to walk fast and the rest can be jogged up, run along or run fast down.

Some years ago I couldn't break five hours on this one yet I knocked just over a minute off my course PB and clocked in a 4:35:04 which I was pleased with as it was my fourth marathon in eight days.

Today's hurty quads are the only damage I can feel and I could run another if I had to so I'm feeling very happy about my autumn/winter training right now. And it only goes to show that if you work had, you get results.

Have a great week ahead folks and run hard so your knees tremble - mine did yesterday for some hours afterwards!

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