Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Red Shoes - Kate Bush - Part 2

Lyric:- 'Put them on and your dream'll come true' - Bush

Song Choice:- Well I had to choose Kate's Red Shoes again as I just love it so much. And if you really listen to the song here, you'll see what I'm banging on about. She's awesome and very inspirational...I would imagine her to be a real perfectionist to work with and I admire perfection and attention to detail.

Anyway, following a couple of days off following a long run out on Thursday I'm back running long this week a couple of times and getting back into my training rhythm post holiday.

Unfortunately, I don't have Kate's red shoes to get me back to peak fitness and even if I did there's no substitute to the hard work you'll have to invest along the way and the feeling of accomplishment you'll feel will only be greater.

As you know by now I love my music and the music business is a great reflection of the 'Red Shoes Theory' and there's no such thing as an overnight success great artists are made over many, many years and this is why so many of the X-Factor winners are never heard of after they win...I haven't chosen too many James Arthur songs this you remember him? Who was second? - Hey who cares!


'Dream's come true if you are true to yourself'...Then again it all depends what your dreaming. Just remember this curve, is your smile and this cross, is your heart and this line, is your path...if you do, it will all come true.

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