Monday, 13 October 2014

Afterglow - Genesis

Lyric:- 'Like the dust that settles all around me' - Banks

Song choice:- I've always loved this track off the 1976 'Wind and Wuthering' Album and they played it at Knebworth when I saw them in '78...ah those were the days eh?

There was a feeling of Afterglow post MdS Expo Weekend today as the three days of intense activity certainly took it out on the old Coleman mind and body.

Add to that a deep and husky voice from all that talking and you'll get the picture.

It was fab though to meet so many of the MdS#15 people and great to find out that so many of them have already started to make a dent into the training needed to get the coveted medal.

Today was a good opportunity therefore to put up my feet and sign off the first chapter of my book.

How much more Afterglow can a man take! Well a bit more tomorrow when Steve Darby joins me for an MdS Training Day all the way from Equatorial Guinea.

More tomorrow...

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