Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Breathe - The Prodigy

Lyric:- 'Breathe with me, breathe the pressure'.

Song Choice:- Still fresh 18 years on and the lyrics are most apt as sometimes one needs to stop, take stock and then carry-on sometimes.

Took a few deep breaths today on my 26.2 miles of a Marathon des Sables Training Day with Steve Darby who'd come all the way from Equatorial Guinea. Yep, I wasn't to sure where it was either until I asked 'Google'.

It was a great day out and it took exactly the same time as Sunday's Expo Marathon. The training must be working as neither Sunday or Today's Marathon was too taxing which today's 108 average heart rate reflects.

I'm going to get back in the gym tomorrow and smash my upper body and 'Breathe the Pressure' tomorrow.

Are you feeling 'Psycho-somatic addict-insane?'...

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