Thursday, 16 October 2014

You get what you give - The New Radicals

Lyric:- 4am we ran a miracle mile - Alexander & Nowels

Song Choice:- Before writing 'Life is a Rollercoaster' for Ronan Keating penning this one was pure genius. I listened to this at 4am running a mile in the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, how apt!

Anyway I've got clients whom are up and out on the road dead early getting their training in before the heavy commitments that WE ALL have.

These people really will get what they give as they are there on the money living the dream. Personally I really admire folk with commitment and get up and go.

It's the best and only way if I'm honest to make your dream a reality. If that's you - a big well done - if it's not and your school report used to 'say could try harder' then take a leaf, stop procrastinating and get on the case.

It's amazing what you can achieve if you work hard and are honest with yourself...

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