Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I Feel Free - Cream

Lyric:- 'Though the pavements are one huge crowd' - Bruce & Brown
Song Choice:- This iconic song hit my eardrums today on my iPod and for the aficionados this hit the charts in 1966 and got to #11 and lasts only 2 mins 49 secs. Crazy that such a great song didn't do better...

Anyway, I was reliving my first London Marathon in 1995 earlier today when I was reviewing the second chapter of my book. And as I remember the pavements were my crowd on that  fateful day in the capital all those years ago, I loved the feeling of freedom that the marathon gave me that day and I wonder how many of you looking in on this blog, actually feel free. I jogged a very easy 3:54 btw. 

I still feel free when I'm out on the road pounding the pavements twenty years on, living in the now and in my own world 'cos when I do...I feel free.

More tomorrow... 

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