Saturday, 18 October 2014

Play the Game - Queen

Lyric:- Open up your mind and let me step inside - Mercury

Song Choice:- One of my all time Queen Songs from 1980, this and Another One Bites the Dust making a big impression on an impressionable eighteen year old young Coleman...

It's an interesting notion though to be able to step inside someone else's mind - think their thoughts, see the world from their point of view and truly understand what makes them tick.

Some folk are an open book, wear their heart on their sleeve - some don't even know where their own mind is let alone being able to open it up to let you wander around.

I'm lucky that folk give me the privilege of seeing into some of their darkest corners allowing me some light into why they are whom they are. It's been fascinating and heartwarming to have been in such places over the years .

I'm going to let you into mine in my book, Chapter 3 in the bag, and then you can see what makes me tick. Some of it's not pretty but it's gotten me to 52 in one piece and I'm happy that I can still bash out 26.2 miles like a good'un.

My book will reveal why. How are your darkest corners looking, time to shed some light on them?

Do you the world of good...

More tomorrow from 'ColemanWorld'.

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