Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pendulum - Watercolour

The Blue Rigi, Lake of Lucerne, Sunrise
Joseph William Mallord Turner
Lyric:- Feed the Fire, Break your Vision - Thompson

Song Choice:- The Pendulum Boys Music grabs you by the balls and tells you straight what you need to hear - a bit like me I suppose and that's why I just love 'em.

It's been one of those weeks really and like Pendulum I felt more ballsy as times gone on. Sometimes we try to ignore the 'Elephant in the Room' and go easy on each other in case we hurt each other's feelings. It's far better to be straight, honest and open as I am when my clients come and see me for coaching.

We need answers as human beings and we are all naturally in inquisitive and can question everything if we are not careful so much so that there's no time for action.

Good job I've finished my week of intense MdS Coaching with folk and am off to London for a Press and PR meeting as after two days carbo-loading and lack of running I'm ready for a marathon, where for once I can kick my own butt, feed my fire and break my vision.

More tomorrow after a long lie down in a darkened room...

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