Wednesday, 29 October 2014

At that time of the night (The Short Straw) - Marillion

Lyric:- 'I'll show you salvation'

Song Choice:- 'Always the poor man's Genesis were Marillion but this track from lead singer Fish's last album (Clutching at Straws) with the band is actually well worth a listen.

Writing Chapter 5 of the 'Coleman Chronicles' today seemed to reflect quite nicely the story reflected in this Concept Album's theme of life of being 29 years of age and in a total mess...Certainly been there and got the T-Shirt on that one. Makes me shudder just thinking about those days...reliving them has been very challenging, however going on to write about my first years of running has been most amusing. 

Anyway, 'Salvation' as we'll call it has brought me to the Lake District for more Coaching and the opportunity to run into a far more inclement climatic zone than Caerdydd, (if that's possible). It doesn't matter though as my legs are now DOMS Free and are feeling back to normalish.

Is there a 'concept album' or song that matches your life-history as I'd be really interested to know...

More tomorrow...

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