Thursday, 30 October 2014

Faith No More - The Real Thing

Lyric:- 'Just grit your teeth, make no sound, take a step away and look around, just clench your fist and close your eyes' - Amos & Frank.

Song Choice:- Great album opener from FNM on their Greatest Hits Album and there are lots of angry lines I could choose to single out on this song as for me it sums up the 'Toughen up Buttercup' solution to a lot of things we encounter that seem to be insurmountable at the time but in hindsight and just tiny bumps in the 'Life's Road'.

I love that quote 'Those at the top of the mountain didn't fall there'. It's a bloody brilliant line and one that rings so true with me as I continue into another busy month of coaching folk for next April's Marathon des Sables. Everyone I meet is a high attainer. They've invested huge amounts of time, energy and sacrifice to climb their mountains...I'm very fortunate to get a glimpse into their 'World's'.

There's been no lucky four leafed clover for these folk, there's been no 'instant win'...just blood,sweat and tears. Yes they've been fortunate. Fortunate in knowing what and where their mountain is and how high to climb.

Do you have and Everest of your own...know what it is...or where to find it?

I'd be really interested to know...

Mine? Well if you know me you'll know what it is.

More tomorrow...

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