Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Good Intent - Kimbra

Lyric:- 'You're slipping through the fingers of your good intent' - Johnson

Song Choice:- Kimbra Johnson is totally new to me and so fresh. Hearing this song on my internet radio's ambient setting, it reminded me of some of the conversations I had with clients this past few days. Have a listen.

When we start out on a new journey, especially something like the MdS, we have lots of enthusiasm, meet like minded folk and go at it like a maniac only to find out that your interest and commitment quickly fades and you lose the clear direction you once had. That's why 12 week training schedules work so well as three months is a useful period of time to train towards something, master it and then look for the next Everest.

With 180 days to go for the MdS Wannabes, Everest is looming...

My own Everest is gathering pace and I'm still dead keen on a quick marathon early next year as well as a new mega-day marathon challenge tbc.

What's your Everest and how's your Good Intent?

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