Friday, 3 October 2014

Open up your heart - M People

Lyric:- 'And I've got more to give' - Pickering & Heard.

Song choice:- I spent a long time in the car driving today and this M People song popped up from the past. It's totally brilliant and I'd forgotten all about how well put together and how luscious Heather Small's voice matches the music perfectly.

I love the lyrics and the line of having more to give really hit home as it's easy to get used to the normality of day-to-day living and even day-to-day running. In writing down the start of my running career all those years ago it's certainly rekindled some deep down feelings of love for my salvation and sanity maintainer.

I'm going to cherish all of my running, just like I did yesterday running 26.2 with MdS Wannabes, David Clark. I feel fit too and that's also cool if you want to perform and you still have a lot to give.

Opening your heart sometimes really helps and there's a certain honesty that accompanies distance running that's very refreshing.

Do you need to open your heart and are you fresh?

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