Monday, 20 October 2014

Patience - Take That

Lyric:- Any minute all the pain will stop - Barlow et al.

Song Choice:- I love a bit of Barry Garlow as I call him and he sings like a bird on this fantastic #1 from 2006.

I love coaching folk for the MdS and yet another one came to see me in Cardiff today for my insight into the race and a 26.2 mile jaunt around God's Country.

Thinking about it, I've met some of the most interesting people on such days.

What struck me today out on the run is that a lot of time we only see the upside of training and completely overlook the School of Hardknocks one has to encounter along the way. I've had more than my share of such knocks along my 52 year old path in life and it's how you overcome such mountains and situations that maketh the man in my case.

I have overflowing patience and can wait and work for as long as it takes to reach any goal I set my desire to.

Yep, it ain't easy if you are not that way inclined but it's something one has to learn to realise and then overcome. The end result is often more satisfying when this happens and there are lots of things in my production line of life that are going at 90mph and some just ticking along waiting for the next hit of adrenalin.

Master your own expectations, be honest with yourself and you've mastered life. Make sure you have some downtime to rest, take a breath and reassess...

I'm doing that right now as after 3 x 26.2 milers in as many days it's a well earned day off tomorrow.

Have you got Patience?

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