Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Welcome to my Nightmare - Alice Cooper

Lyric:- 'We sweat and laugh and scream here, cause life is just a dream here' - Wanger & Cooper

Song Choice:- Always been a fan of Alice and listened to this album lots in the late 70's. The Vincent Price voice-over is just priceless on the track called 'Steven'...with some of the songs sounding a lot better than their titles such as 'Only Women Bleed'...hmm, well I was very young and impressionable!

Anyway, I introduced another MdS Wannabe, a great athlete btw, today to the running nightmare - SAND! Yep, the old ball breaker of The Big Dipper sand dune at Merthyr Mawr, near Bridgend. As usual on such occasions half-way up achieved the 'head in a plastic bag' effect and his 'Blooding' was complete.

It's a great leveller for those used to clocking out 6 minute miles on pancake flat marathon courses to come and get 'broken' in a mere twelve minutes on a couple of laps of the sand.

Good news for my client is that he has 167 days to up his game and get used to the nightmare ahead. Even better than that is that he will as he's dead fit and totally committed to a top 25 finish...or else!

If you are still day-dreaming and need a good glimpse of what's in store, make sure you come and see me...as I can make all your nightmare's go away...

More tomorrow...

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